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Love America is the brainchild of David Adams, a campaign field advisor for city, county and statewide races in Oregon. He used this branded sign strategy first in 1998 to help a slate of slow-growth candidates turn the tide against well-funded developers determined to exploit 3000 acres of green space in his hometown. In 1998 and then again in 2002, Adams employed the same STENCIL brand to cut through the glut of yard signs that voters had learned to ignore. Instead of adding to the campaign clutter, the unusual campaign captured the attention and imagination of voters with a series of simple, black-and-white messages that could not be ignored.  The result was two consecutive City Hall victories, both with the highest voter turnout in West Linn’s history. With the help of Adam’s branded campaign, hundreds of local activists and elected officials were able                                                            change West Linn’s destiny and preserve 3000 acres of                                                               pristine Oregon open space for generations to come.

                                                   The land remains untouched 25 years later. In 2007 Adams                                                        implemented LOVE OREGON?, a successful state wide land                                                      use campaign implementing a similar strategy to tease and                                                        engage the citizens.













Dave Adams

The old adage, “all politics are local politics,” is at the heart of why the black and white sign campaign is so effective. The stencil-branding and the big, easy to read, stamped lettering against a white background make them impossible to miss, even on the most distracted drive-by.  By always structuring the roll out with teaser sign, the campaign begins by creating a sense of mystery and rebellion that

captures voter attention and gets them asking questions. In a matter of days, a politically exhausted and apathetic community becomes curious and engaged, left wondering what will come next. As the campaign unfolds and its purpose revealed, residents find themselves looking for the signs and actively searching for ways to become involved. Without fail, these branded signs become top of mind, not only generating curiosity and excitement, but more importantly, engagement.

For over a decade, Adams has been looking for the right moment to launch a bottom-up, locally driven national campaign using the same proven and successful brand strategy around the LOVEAMERICA.COM domain he purchased in 2008. With so much at stake in our country, that moment is right now. Please join us.

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