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HOW DO I GET A SIGN? click on a sign template to download the printable PDF which you can then upload to a sign company and get it printed or take the image to a printer on a drive and hae them upload the designs to a size and shape sign you'd like to plant.

Where can I put signs? Every jurisdictioin has different rules about posting election signs. Of course your yard and anyplace you have permission is a good place to start.

What is Guerilla Sign Planting? Planting signs where you don't have permission, or in places that may be a little sketcy and advisaries could steal or vandalize your signs is part of the guerilla sign tactics. Sometimes if you plant them at night, they'll be gone in the morning, so research your timing before comitting to large numbers of signs.

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Image by Joshua Bedford

Download these signs to create your own Civics Drive-by event 

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Image by Osman Rana
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