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The People of Faith messages

  In America, faith is defined by a sacred choice – to worship or not. Not only is this choice supported by our laws, but separation of church and state are central to our character as a nation. Those who would tell us that in order to be a good American we must also be a “good Christian” misconstrue our country’s mission - to be a place in the world where all are safe to believe, or not, in their own individual way. It’s true that many of America’s founders were Christian, and yet the evidence is clear that our founders intent was that America be a nation that honors and respects all faiths. This notion is deliberately enshrined into the Bill of Rights and protected by its very first amendment. This is not an accident 


"The purpose of separation of Church and State is to keep forever from these

shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries."   

                                                                                 James Madison 1820

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