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What's next?

Support Our Oregon Campaign

  With a budget of $5,000 we can launch a Portland Metro campaign with 18”x 24 lawn signs and 4’x8’ field signs.


With a budget of $25,000 we can reach every corner of the state including high visibility bus and billboard signage.


Can you help us meet our goal? Step up and become a Patriot Partner. Help us remind the nation what it really means to be a good citizen, a true patriot and to love America.


           GET STARTED TODAY!!!  Contact us at:

Start your own Campaign!


Start making and planting your own signs today!

Go to the True Patriot, Good Citizen, or People of Faith page and click on any sign to download a printable PDF file that you can 

  • ​Print on your own computer for paper signs to put in your window, in your car, at your favorite location.

  • Print out and take to any sign maker and ask them to make a corrugated plastic Yard Sign. Most come with a metal H frame that you use as a stake. Put these in your yard, along the roadside, or other strategically visible locations  (see Why Signs tab for suggestions) and start a conversation with your neighbors about what citizenship looks like in 2024

  • Upload the PDF to any online sign maker like VistaPrint, Staples, Kinkos, GotPrint, Cheap Signs or others that have the pricing and delivery you like. Especially good if you're making multiple signs to share. 

Choose a size that works for your location.  Usually 18 x 24 inches is suggested for cars driving by to be able to read easily. Contact us if you'd like graphics for a 4x8' sign or other sizes!

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