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Photo from a previous campaign edited digitally to show how Love America signs may look in a field

Do signs work?

Every election cycle we are constantly bombarded with a multitude of campaign material. TV and radio ads, newspapers, direct mailings and all sorts of social media pitches. You have to ask yourself, does any of this stuff break through? Actually, very little works. The mailings go straight to the trash, and we have all developed skills to tune out the annoying TV and radio spots. But a good thought provoking sign, a billboard, a large field sign or a traditional yard sign is hard to ignore. A yard sign planted in your yard or near a stop sign in your neighborhood, exiting a school, market or church, particularly during slow rush hour traffic gets attention.


We have been planting signs for 30 years and have found that the signs that get the most attention are the ones that don’t tell people what to think or who to vote for. Signs that tease, engage the imagination or catch people by surprise. Signs that spark ideas and conversations. What is this about? What do I think about this?  Or better, ask their neighbors - did you see that strange sign on the corner? What the bleep is that?


That’s why we are creating the Love America signs, to start conversations.

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