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Love America Signs

Our Flag, Faith and Patriotism

have all been hijacked.

It's time to take them back.

For too long, a small, vocal group of extremists have defined what it means to be a patriot. If we don’t vote with them, pray with them, or if we merely disagree with them they tell us that we hate America, hate religion, hate God, hate democracy, hate our troops and our freedoms and are unworthy of flying our country’s flag. But the reality is that true American patriots don’t hate. True Patriots welcome differences of opinion, respect the right to worship or not, actually understand how democracy works, serve proudly in our military no matter who they love, and hold freedom for ourselves and all people as our most cherished American value. That is why it’s time, as good citizens of a great democracy, to take our patriotism back and define for ourselves what it means to love America. There is no higher calling for this campaign.

The signs you see on this website are intended as a tool to help us all publicly reclaim our love of country. By expressing fundamental American values and principles that have been the civic bedrock of this country since its inception, this campaign empowers us all to make a full display of America’s true character, one sign at a time.


man with love America sign

All the signs you see on this site have been made into easily downloadable, size-correct pdf files that fit perfectly on a lawn sign. They are ready to be sent to your local printer or feel free to contact the printer listed on this site and receive a price break when you print multiple signs. We don’t make any money from this campaign and we are not seeking profit. All we are asking is that you help us create a movement to reclaim our patriotism from the gang of political bullies and thugs who have hijacked it.

Go ahead. Pick one. Or better yet, pick them all! Print ‘em! Give them to your neighbors and friends. Pass them out in your neighborhood. Encourage everyone you know to join you in making it clear that true patriotism cannot be owned by any one party. The time has come for us all to stand up and let the world know what it means to truly love America.

Neighbors are putting up signs! Contact us to get signs in the Portland area.

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Donate here to support making and distributing signs & billboards. is a non-profit 501/C4 -not tax deductible.

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